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For the NYC Ethglobal hackathon, with Joan, we implemented an SDK to help developers to quickly and effectively integrate micro incentives in their projects.

Gamification has been the backbone of any user experience in software. Games, SaaS, consumer apps, etc. all combine design mechanics and incentives to accomplish objectives and goals. We believe that crypto enables new collaboration games where users can also be rewarded with tokens.

Tokens represent a paradigm shift in the way we build communities, software and ownership. Enter Rward a simple API that enables developers to integrate backed tokenomics without the complexity of crypto.

Rward handles the sending tokens with rward.rewards.send(address, amount) and wallet creation with rward.customer.create(email). It abstracts away complexities for users that don't know about web3 with a non-custodial wallet powered by Privy.

A wallet is automatically created on their behalf of the user and they can claim it with their usual OAuth.

The project uses several technologies to make this SDK possible. Tatum is used to generate the wallet and to send the ERC20 tokens. Privy is used to store the seed phrase, the private key, email and address to make sure that only the user that owns a certain email can claim a Wallet.

EthGlobal showcase

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