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Project presentation: View the final pitch on youtube

For the Encode Polygon hackathon, I created a Mirror for Podcasts that uses Lens protocol. The podcast itself is stored in IPFS and published as a post (so other platforms can choose to display it) and includes crowdsourcing functionalities for the creator

It includes social features like comments and likes that would help people find out the most interesting content on the platform.

One of the most interesting value props of web3 is incentive alignment, so I decided to create a crowdsource feature so that creators can ask interested people to stake their interest in giving them money, Creators can also monetize by allowing viewers to mint an NFT from the podcast. One of the main goals that I was excited to explore was, is there a way to set bounties like what dework does for tasks but to incentivize podcasts being created around topics we find interesting. For example:

  • bounties so that a podcast is done around a topic we like.
  • bounties so that a certain person does voice over a certain podcast
  • bounties so that a podcast gets translated.

Encode x Polygon Hackathon: Finale Prizewinners and Summary

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