🛠 Projects


Hackathon project: Mirror for Podcasts that uses Lens protocol. The podcast itself is stored in IPFS and published as a post on Lens


Hackathon project: Implemented an SDK to help developers to quickly and effectively integrate micro incentives in their projects.


Hackathon project: A better way for DAOs to organize and rank information that is shared from within the organization.

Aura Reputation

Hackathon project: Implemented the first reputation system for Lens protocol.


A WhatsApp bot that every day it sends a new word, expression together with translation and pronunciation.


A SaaS platform to help companies improve their SEO by getting link placements in journalists' articles that are looking for sources


A marketplace of online team-building events for remote companies to create camaraderie


Connect with people that have gone through similar doubts or issues by simply creating a room and joining a call at the scheduled time.

Master Thesis

Using convolutional feature points from a deep neural network as smart virtual sensors to measure displacement.

Bachelor Thesis

Developed a computer vision-based system in which the system is able to describe the movement and relative position of the device by a camera footage.

eTech Racing

Taking part in the design and construction of a Formula Student electrical single-seater during the 2016-2017 season