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Balajis on distributed social networks.

Crypto creators will be such much bigger than Internet influencers because they will get a much bigger cut on what they create. Millions of people are not getting a cut of what they create. When they do, they will share so much more of it, and it's going to be more.

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Des Traynor on why startups succeed

Notes on what Des Traynor (co-founder of Intercom) thinks it takes for a start-up to succeed.

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About hyper-ambitious individuals

I have the intuition that remarkable individuals are born, sure. But they are also blessed by a set of circumstances that allowed them to develop their ambition to their full potential.

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My thoughts on the future of work

We're realizing that we can just send a Google Doc that aligns our thinking and if we take the time to write it well, there's no point in talking.

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The future of human-computer interactions


Every software company that ever was, has always said, “our product is intuitive and easy to use”. The reality is that every one of them lies. Here’s what happens for a human to use software: from the thing that you want to do, you need to translate that intent into a set of actions.

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